The 32650 LFP or LiFePO4, often known as Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, offer many benefits when contrasted with lead-acid and other few lithium batteries. There is no maintenance required, the batteries have a very high level of safety, they are incredibly light, and they have better charge and discharge efficiency. These are just some of the perks. Although 32650 LiFePO4 batteries are not the most affordable option available, purchasing 32650 battery is the greatest investment you can make for the long run because of how long they last and how little maintenance they need.

32650 Lifepo4 Batteries Has a Longer Life

Before their performance begins to suffer, Super B LiFePO4 batteries may be cycled up to 5000 times at 80% drain depth before needing to be replaced. A lead-acid battery will only retain its charge for two years on average.

No Active Repairs

Super B cars use 32650 LiFePO4 batteries, which don’t need to be maintained to last longer. Also, the batteries don’t forget what they were used for, and since they self-discharge slowly (about 3% per month), you can keep them for a longer time. There is a right way to take care of lead-acid batteries. If they don’t get help, they will live even less time.

Champion of LightWeight

Super B LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries are small but have a lot of power. So, lithium batteries are small and light because of this. Lead-acid batteries hold more energy per unit of weight than lithium batteries. Still, lithium batteries weigh at least half as much. Choose lithium batteries if you want to worry less about their size and weight.

High Performance

Super B LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) batteries have the power they can hold. Also, they can be quickly charged and drained, which makes them suitable for a lot of different uses. Fast charging makes things go more smoothly and reduces the time you have to wait. Short bursts of power are caused by high-discharge pulse currents.


We only use the best lithium iron phosphate cells, which are the safest technology on the market today, to make sure our batteries are safe (LiFePO4 or LFP). Our creative engineering team made our Battery Management System (BMS), which helps us, make sure that our batteries are safe and reliable.


Batteries of lithium iron phosphate with a Super B rating are designed to withstand large discharge currents. On your boat or recreational vehicle, you will have an easier time starting large engines and using many electrical gadgets simultaneously.

Extreme Temperatures

Because LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) is functional throughout a broad temperature range, lithium batteries are an excellent option for various purposes, including those that take place in very hot or cold environments. Applications operating for an extended time or in extreme weather conditions are ideal candidates for lithium batteries.


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